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Marketing Process







To make your message both visible and memorable, you need targeted, engaging campaigns that draw leads into your sales funnel. We have proven results showing a massive increase in leads and conversions for our customers. Get measurable results from a strategic approach that positions you as the number one choice for prospective customers.

Email Marketing

People are interested in what you do – or they are already your customers. Convert prospects and keep your existing customer base eager, informed, and ready to give you repeat business. Our writers, designers, and tech experts develop email marketing campaigns that your customers will LOVE.

Organic Marketing

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you reach a growing audience without paid advertising. Achieving this takes time, great content, and of course, its fair share of specialised skills. From ensuring that search engines rank you for strategic keywords to growing an engaged social media following naturally, our team dedicates itself to getting you noticed.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management coupled with your business’s dedication to customer satisfaction gets you more five-star ratings on review platforms. Customer ratings and reviews are a source of information that over 90 percent of readers trust, and reading reviews has become an integral part of consumer decision-making. Will they decide in your favour? Happy customers grow your sales. You get even more happy customers – and even more reviews. The results are exponential, but to achieve this, active reputation management is a must!

Social Media

Your customers and competitors are active on social media. Are you? Just being there isn’t enough, however. You need engaging posts that achieve your strategic marketing goals. And, at the end of the day, you want conversions. To achieve your goals, you need superb social media marketing campaigns that reflect your professionalism while winning over your target market. At YDMA, the social media marketing team includes handpicked writers, designers, researchers, editors and analytics experts. Put us to work for your brand!

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